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Whether you sell cars, trucks, campers, motorcycles, or some other type of vehicle Elon Musk just invented, AutoAPR is flexible and customizable enough to work for your dealer's individual needs.

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You wouldn't let someone come into your dealer showroom, browse available inventory, and walk away without even saying "hello."

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So why are you spending money driving motivated auto buyers to your website and then letting them leave without gathering their information?

You shouldn't be. But you probably are. And that's where AutoAPR can help.

Our simple, customizable lead-generation tools capture more of the visitors already coming to your website — and then turn them into highly qualified leads who want to work with you to buy a vehicle.

Your leads are delivered directly into your AutoAPR dashboard and your current CRM or email system. Capturing and converting website visitors has never been easier.


Digital Retailing Done Right

Other digital retailing tools get a bad rap. They're seen as either inaccurate, penny-payment price flubbers, or awful self-checkout machines that inevitably leave car shoppers standing around waiting for assistance. Instead of paying for flawed tools that only set people up for disappointment, get started earning their trust. Give them real value through education. Tell them about your dealer and vehicles available. And make the sale when the time is right.


Reveal plugs into your site's existing inventory pages and makes it fun and easy to view personalized payment estimates on any vehicle.

First, we build realistic finance and lease expectations online. Next, we help you continue the conversation and complete the sale virtually or in the showroom.

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Help your customers quickly find vehicles that fit their monthly budget with Payment Explorer. Our customizable banner, chat bubble, and payment calculator page plugins engage your high-funnel website traffic and deliver you a more informed buyer.

With 2x or 4x more qualified leads submitting their information, Payment Explorer makes traditional payment calculators blush. Start doing much more with the traffic you already have.