About AutoAPR

We founded AutoAPR on a simple belief statement: Finding a car in budget shouldn't be complicated.

For years, consumers had to visit one website to learn a fair vehicle purchase price, another to get the value of their trade-in, and still another to begin the complicated process of figuring out their monthly payment. Each step of the process required unnecessary amounts of personal information and offered little value in return.

Then we came along.

AutoAPR exists to provide everything you need to know about auto finance in one convenient location—without demanding social security numbers or other information that could put your identity at risk.

Our proprietary payment calculator equips you to make well-informed auto purchasing decisions. In a few easy steps, you’ll learn:

  • The average price paid for a new car
  • Trade-in values
  • Monthly payments
  • Estimated interest rates

We also built a Payoff Directory and Finance 101 resource to provide continued support throughout your auto financing journey. AutoAPR is your online resource for anything and everything auto finance—so finding a car in budget will never be complicated again.

Our Mission

We empower consumers to stay in budget and make well-informed auto purchasing decisions.

Our Vision

We envision a world where informed consumers buy from trustworthy dealerships in less time and with less effort.

Our Values

Consumer Protection - You’ll never be asked for information that could put your identity at risk.
Personal Connections - The financing information you receive is based on your individual circumstances.
Transparency - We help you find a car in budget the first time—no surprises, no bait and switch, no fine print.
Efficiency - We provide all the financing information you need to make informed decisions in one convenient location.

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