Our Leadership Team

At AutoAPR, we offer more than industry-changing proprietary technology. We've also assembled an outstanding team committed to serving our dealers and their customers. Meet our leaders who make it all possible.

Dan Mayer

Dan Mayer President, Founder

While working as a sales manager at a large franchise dealer, Dan realized there wasn't a consumer-friendly way to capitalize on website traffic. In late 2015, his vision to offer dealers a better solution became a reality. Dan quickly learned leading a tech start-up would require even more hours than working at a dealership but has found the opportunity to serve dealers and their customers to be completely worth it.

  • Connecticut
  • University of South Carolina
  • Jeep Wrangler
Daniel Congrove

Daniel Congrove Director of Technology, Co-Founder

As the company's co-founder, Daniel transformed hundreds of late-night napkin sketches into an advanced, yet user-friendly, program. Typically hidden behind a wall of monitors, Daniel credits his time spent rocking out to Beethoven for his unparalleled creativity.

  • South Carolina
  • University of South Carolina
  • Honda Accord, named Rhonda
Hal Wray

Hal Wray Sales and Marketing Director

With over 25 years of experience operating dealerships and a passion for digital marketing, Hal understands what it takes to sell cars in today's environment. He takes every opportunity to be in the dealerships working with clients to fine-tune AutoAPR's products and implement best practices.

  • North Carolina
  • UNC Chapel Hill
  • Mazda 6 / Ford F-150
Jessica Hughes

Jessica Hughes Dealer Operations Manager

Jessica's outstanding customer service stems from her extensive background in hospitality management, marketing, and business relations. As the company's most dynamic associate, Jessica ensures every dealer visit is fun and engaging.

  • New Jersey
  • University of South Carolina
  • Toyota 4Runner