AutoAPR Announces Proprietary Market Based Interest Rates

AutoAPR enables automated and custom scored interest rates based on current market data

Charlotte, NC (November 15, 2018) - AutoAPR, a leading provider in payment engagement software for automobile dealers, today announced AutoAPR Market Rates. Using proprietary data analysis, AutoAPR Market Rates provides dealers with regularly updated interest rates.

AutoAPR gathers data from over 2,500 lenders across the United States. This data is comprised of indirect auto loans issued by banks, credit unions, OEM captives, and finance companies. Updated monthly, lender data is used to determine national average APRs for different credit tiers and loan parameters.

AutoAPR Market Rates was developed specifically for Reveal—the company’s lead capture tool which provides warm leads with estimated auto loan payments. When using Reveal on their websites, dealers can input custom rates, use the automatically updated AutoAPR Market Rates, or create specific preferences within the AutoAPR Market Rates feature. These options provide the dealer control and adjustability while ensuring accurate and up-to-date interest rates.

"We are continuing to improve the functionality and performance of AutoAPR products to exceed the expectations of the dealer and their customers," said Dan Mayer, CEO of AutoAPR. "AutoAPR Market Rates allow us to provide accurate interest rate estimates without infringing on the customer’s privacy or security while shopping for a vehicle online. Program and rate adjustability ensures that dealers are not compromising profitability while providing their customers relevant information. This is another win-win for dealers and their online customers."

In addition to integration within Reveal, AutoAPR anticipates using the data and functionality of AutoAPR Market Rates for future products.

AutoAPR Market Rates will be included at no cost to all current and future dealers using AutoAPR Reveal.

About AutoAPR

AutoAPR is a technology company specializing in the improvement of the online car shopping experience—without disrupting the dealership’s sales process. Our apps connect dealers and customers together, resulting in increased website conversions, customer engagement, and dealer profitability.


About AutoAPR

AutoAPR exists to provide everything car shoppers need to know about auto finance in one convenient location, without demanding social security numbers or other sensitive information that could put their identity at risk. Our tools help dealers position themselves as a helpful guide, build trust with consumers, and close more high-quality leads than ever before.

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