AutoAPR Offers Niche Product to Help Dealerships Bridge the Gap between Traditional Lead Forms and Digital Retailing

Innovative auto finance engagement program designed to be a fit for those dealerships not ready to go "all in" on digital retail, but ready to accelerate online sales with better qualified leads.

Scottsdale, AZ, July 12, 2021 - Today, automotive industry investors announced an additional investment into AutoAPR, a new company positioned to bridge the gap between traditional and digital retail with easy and secure virtual payment calculations matched to a dealer's inventory, bringing consumers and dealers closer to a realistic completed deal.

Dan Mayer, CEO and Co-founder of AutoAPR and a career car guy who has risen through the ranks of retail automotive, decided to push forward with AutoAPR after he witnessed some dealerships going all-in on digital retail while others held fast to a more traditional showroom experience. He knew there had to be a middle ground and developed AutoAPR with these dealerships in mind.

AutoAPR believes what matters most to seller and buyer is quickly connecting a comfortable monthly payment to a desired vehicle currently in stock. With financial requirements and product availability working hand-in-hand, AutoAPR leads are highly qualified and easier to close.

"I cut my teeth in F&I and wanted to build this solution around traditional consumer friction points and remove those from the equation before the lead even comes into the dealership," said Mayer. "Our solution suite invites consumers to explore payment options then quickly move down funnel through additional research and value added features. This results in an enhanced user experience for the customer and a high-quality, easy to work opportunity for the dealer. AutoAPR's unique process and data capture gives the dealer control, who then decides how to best close the deal—online or in the showroom."

AutoAPR currently includes two dealer products in its auto finance engagement program: Reveal and Payment Explorer.

  • Reveal, an innovative payment calculator, delivers sales leads with up to 20 data points, enabling dealers to quickly identify and close a deal. In-market shoppers can easily calculate their payments from any device. The solution quickly automates every step of the payment research process, saving shoppers valuable time, whether they buy from home or in the showroom. Dealers have the option to feature customizable incentives, accessories, and F&I products.
  • Payment Explorer automatically connects shoppers with dealer inventory that matches their lifestyle and budget. Dealers can maximize inventory turn by automatically featuring their oldest vehicles. Shoppers can factor a trade-in value into their payments by leveraging TradePending, the industry's best source for real market data. Dealers receive new leads in their CRM with a link to each customer's payment certificate, moving a deal closer to completion.

"From inception, our goal has been to provide everything vehicle shoppers need to know about financing their next purchase in one convenient and secure location," said co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Congrove. "The programs create realistic payment and budget expectations for the customer without requiring overly sensitive personal information. With AutoAPR, dealers reduce transaction time, build trust and make deals more likely to happen."

Product installation is simple and in many ways, customizable. The company works directly with each dealership's web host and inventory provider to ensure proper installation and immediate usage.

AutoAPR solutions are used by franchise and independent dealers, as well as RV and Powersports dealers across North America. The company offers live technical dealer support by phone or email, along with advanced dealer training and ongoing consultation.

"Our solutions are a win-win for both dealers and consumers," said Mayer. "The details are in the data. Unlike cumbersome, and sometimes overly technical solutions, AutoAPR's success is attributed to the proven performance measured by the total ROI for our dealer clients."

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AutoAPR exists to provide everything car shoppers need to know about auto finance in one convenient location, without demanding social security numbers or other sensitive information that could put their identity at risk. Our tools help dealers position themselves as a helpful guide, build trust with consumers, and close more high-quality leads than ever before.

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