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Want to see how it feels to calculate a payment with AutoAPR? Take it for a test drive. Enjoy an instant, live demo of the new payment calculator by AutoAPR.

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Turn your anonymous website visitors into showroom customers. Your website's vehicle inventory page should be your greatest asset—your only salesperson who never sleeps or asks for a vacation. But if it doesn't have the proper hook, most visitors will leave your page within moments.

Enter AutoAPR.

AutoAPR empowers you to capture leads and close deals. Invite your website visitors to calculate their payments, then use the information they provide to close the sale. Your customer receives a realistic look at their monthly payments, based on their personal history and the vehicle selected. You receive their information on your AutoAPR dashboard, allowing you to continue the conversation after they leave your website.

Farewell, missed opportunities.

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AutoAPR Payment Calculator

Why use AutoAPR?

AutoAPR accelerates your sales process and improves the customer experience. Our payment calculator quickly collects pertinent information from your customer to help you better understand their expectations.

In exchange for their contact information, your customer receives an AutoAPR lending certificate showing their estimated payments. All estimates are based on the specific parameters you provide. Because AutoAPR doesn't ask for a Social Security Number, you'll capture customers of all credit profiles—especially those with higher credit scores who are confident about their credit worthiness.

How AutoAPR Works

We provide your customers with realistic expectations while collecting all the information you need to create an appointment and quickly sell a car.

Step 1: App Installation

App Installation

Installation is as simple as adding a link to your vehicle listings—and we'll do it for you. By working directly with your web host and inventory provider, we ensure the app is installed correctly and ready for your customers to use.

Step 2: Payment Calculator

Payment Calculator

Our payment calculator collects all the information you want from customers who are ready to make an immediate purchase. By the end of AutoAPR's five step process, you'll know the specific vehicle that the buyer is looking for, their trade-in details, loan amount, estimated credit worthiness, and contact information.

Step 3: Lending Certificate

Lending Certificate

Upon completion of the payment calculator, we email your customer their own AutoAPR Lending Certificate. This printable certificate shows their monthly payment details—including payment terms, rates, and disclosures—based on your customized lending parameters.

Step 4: Dealer Portal

Dealer Portal

As a dealer, all you have to do is connect the dots. Our dealer portal makes it easy to view and track your AutoAPR leads, providing you with all the tools and information you need to reach your customer and close the sale.

Get more leads.

Our data shows that over 70% of shoppers who use our payment calculator provide accurate contact information. Stop paying per lead for fake email addresses and phone numbers. With AutoAPR, your leads are unlimited—and so is your potential.

33% Increased Leads

Fill your showroom.

Customers who calculate their payment with the AutoAPR app are ready to visit your dealership. Prepare for more customers, confirmed appointments, and increased showroom visits.

15% Leads Converted to a Showroom Visit

Close more deals.

No matter the size of your dealership, you desire to be a top performer. We can help you with that. On average, our dealership partners close one out of every ten leads generated by AutoAPR.

67% Closing Rate Per Showroom Visit

"This tool helps guide us on better assisting our customer needs. It is awesome!"

- Maria Horan Southern Motors Honda

"Instant results! These leads are buyers way down the funnel!"

- Chris Duncan Albany Motorcars

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