AutoAPR Reveal Unveils New Incentives Feature

AutoAPR Reveal Unveils New Incentives Feature

AutoAPR is excited to announce the addition of Dealer Adjustable Incentives for Reveal—the vehicle payment calculator and engagement tool by AutoAPR. This new feature allows dealership website visitors to select applicable incentives within Reveal. The incentives can be manufacturer rebates and/or dealer promotions.

The incentives feature is customizable through the AutoAPR Dealer Portal, where dealers can quickly and easily add/remove incentives. Individual promotions and incentives can be assigned to NEW, USED, or offered on all inventory. To provide dealers with enhanced usability, starting and expiration dates can be set to ensure that programs are current. Additionally, AutoAPR dealers can also set whether an incentive is exclusive or if it can be combined with other incentives. AutoAPR is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its software applications.

For more information about adjustable incentives or any of Reveal’s other great features, please contact us.

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