Maximizing leads while using OEM compliant MAP pricing

Maximizing leads while using OEM compliant MAP pricing

Did you know that AutoAPR Reveal now has the ability to calculate payments for "Internet Pricing" that typically cannot be advertised?

Dealers currently using an automated "Locked Pricing" feature for your website inventory, you can now capture more leads while remaining M.A.P. compliant. Not only does Reveal have the ability to lock the pricing for NEW and USED vehicles, but they can also be locked independently of the other giving dealers complete flexibility.

Keeping M.A.P. guidelines in mind, customers will only see the value of the "Locked Price" in their email certificate once they complete the Reveal process as a one-to-one lead. The price will not be shown prior to the emailed certificate, maintaining OEM compliance.

For more information about locked pricing or any of Reveal’s other great features, please contact us.

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