AutoAPR Reveal Now Features TradePending Valuations

AutoAPR Reveal Now Features TradePending Valuations

In the desire for continuous improvement, AutoAPR is proud to announce a new partnership with TradePending, who will now provide up-to-date trade-in valuations for the Reveal payment generator.

At the time of publication, Reveal has already captured over 35,000 leads for dealers nationwide. With the addition of TradePending technology, customers can now complete Reveal with fewer clicks and in less time, producing even better results for our dealers.

TradePending shares AutoAPR’s commitment to enhancing the consumer experience on dealership websites without pulling them away to a third party site. This strategic partnership will serve to help customers form realistic expectations in the car-buying process while also strengthening the relationship between the customer and dealership.

About TradePending

TradePending is the company behind the revolutionary product SNAP, a website plugin that pulls updated market data daily so shoppers get market-specific values. The tool uses type-ahead technology that mimics Amazon-like shopping experiences. TradePending doesn't have a third-party consumer site, ensuring customers interact with your website and your website only.

AutoAPR is a tech company specializing in the improvement of the online car shopping experience—without disrupting the dealership’s sales process. Our apps connect dealers and customers together, resulting in increased website conversions, customer engagement, and dealer profitability.

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