Dealer FAQ

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions that we hear from dealers. For any additional questions or to schedule a demonstration, please contact us.

General questions

Our goal is to get your virtual guests into your physical showroom. Many competitors design their programs to help you sell a car over the internet, but that approach eliminates critical steps in your road to the sale. This can be extremely detrimental to gross profit and turn your guests into "serial shoppers." AutoAPR provides just enough information to entice your guest and ALL of the information you need to complete the sale in a timely and profitable manner.

When compared to other programs, AutoAPR's payment calculator is...

  • More affordable
  • Quicker, simpler, and more intuitive—resulting in higher completion rates and more leads
  • Completely customizable
  • Paired with an exclusive Dealer Portal to provide real-time data and additional features
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Supported by our friendly team to maximize performance

No, we customize a dealer agreement based on your needs and comfort. We believe in a strong partnership between our company and our dealers. If you're not 100% completely satisfied with your results from AutoAPR, you can cancel without penalty at any time. There is absolutely no risk.

Cost varies based on the size of your inventory. We do not charge per lead. AutoAPR is a subscription based software that provides unlimited leads. This minimizes your investment and maximizes your potential return.

Not exactly; AutoAPR is designed for guests of all credit profiles. Private information, such as a social security number and income, is not requested by our payment calculator. As a result, we've found that AutoAPR dealers receive mostly well-qualified guests with higher credit profiles.

Initial setup

The AutoAPR integration process typically takes 10 business days. We work directly with your vehicle inventory provider and website host to make your setup experience as seamless as possible. Their responsiveness plays the biggest role in how fast you'll be up and running with AutoAPR.

Through AutoAPR's exclusive Dealer Portal, you can completely customize your guest's results. This includes loan terms, estimated APR, and payment spread based on the credit score parameters that you set. You can choose to show an estimated interest rate, a rate range, or no interest rate. We can even mimic how you present numbers to your guests on the showroom floor.

Whether you show interest rates to your guests is entirely up to you. On your dealership's AutoAPR certificate, you have the option of showing the estimated rate, an estimated rate range, or no interest rate at all. You also have the option to withhold rates and payment estimates from guests who report poor credit, bankruptcies, or repossessions.

Yes, AutoAPR can easily send leads to nearly every CRM provider on the market today. In addition, AutoAPR provides an exclusive Dealer Portal that provides lead management, real-time data, and complete control over customizing the program.

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