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AutoAPR Approve Product Overview

What Our Dealers Love About Approve

Immediate Results

Approve brings ease and speed to the prequalification process, building trust with your shoppers and giving you the full picture of their creditworthiness.

Product Synergy

Combined with Reveal or Payment Explorer, Approve delivers a seamless experience by leveraging the shopper's exact FICO® score for payment calculations.

Mobile-Friendly Tech

From phones to tablets to desktops, our responsive technology enables shoppers to easily prequalify and view their credit rating from any device.


More Than Just a Credit Soft Pull Tool

Designed to increase shopper confidence through transparency and efficiency.
Personalized Credit Rating Results

Show shoppers their credit rating and worthiness, based on their actual credit score, right on your website.

Soft Pull Technology

Experience the same visibility into your shopper's credit profile, without asking for SSN or DOB and without affecting their credit score.

Full Credit History

View your shoppers' full credit report, including their FICO® score, trade-in payoffs, and current financial liabilities, at a fraction of the cost.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Invite shoppers to continue down the sales funnel with our integrated product suite after they're prequalified.

Enhanced Payment Accuracy

Give shoppers more accurate monthly payments and buying power estimates based on their actual credit score.

All Three Credit Bureaus

Choose which credit bureau you want to use for credit inquiries, between TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

CRM Integration

Receive new leads in your CRM with a link to the customer's prequal certificate, so you can easily review, track, and complete the sale.

Performance Reporting

View shopper metrics through our Dealer Portal or by connecting a Google Analytics or Facebook account for full analytics capabilities.

Customizable Themes

Edit the text, color, and design of our CTA banners, buttons, and products to match OEM guidelines and your unique brand.

Certificate Chat

Assist shoppers directly from their prequal certificate through our integrated chat tool, powered by Facebook Messenger.

Live Support

AutoAPR's live technical dealer support is available by phone or email.

Ongoing Training & Coaching

Enjoy advanced dealer training, deep dives into performance, and ongoing consultation with a dedicated product expert.

How It Works

Engage Shoppers with Our Irresistible Lead Form

Make it more fun and transparent to check your credit rating, and watch your qualified leads roll in.
Approve Installation

Installation is as simple as adding a banner to your SRP or a button to your vehicle listings — and we'll do it for you. By working directly with your web host and inventory provider, we ensure that Approve is installed correctly and ready for your shoppers to use.

Approve Credit Prequalification

We ask the right questions in the right order, so your shoppers stay engaged. Our dealers see 2x to 4x more qualified buyers submit information, all without spending a single cent more on ads.

AutoAPR Prequalification Certificate

Our printable certificate instantly presents shoppers with their prequalification status — including approval result and credit rating — based on your customized credit parameters. Then, it invites shoppers to easily schedule an appointment or find the perfect vehicle for their budget.

AutoAPR Dealer Portal

As a dealer, all you have to do is connect the dots. We deliver leads to your CRM and AutoAPR Dealer Portal and email a copy of the certificate to your customer. You can easily follow up and track their progress however you'd like.